What is Eviction? Edit

At the end of each "week," the Houseguests (except for the two nominees and the Head of Household) will vote to evict one of the nominees.

What do I do once evicted? Edit

Nothing. If you are evicted, you will be allowed to leave a goodby paragraph to the remaining players, and then you will be blocked from editing the Wiki until the finale.

Jury Edit

Once you are evicted, you will become a member of the jury. It is the jury that ultimately decides the winner of Big Brother from the final two contestants.

Votes to Evict Edit

Below, add the word "Vote" under the nominee you wish to evict. Do so while signed OUT of the wikia so that your vote is ANONYMOUS. DO NOT LEAVE A SIGNATURE.

Nominee One: Momoam15

Nominee Two: Fruipit

Evicted Houseguest's Statement:

Big Brother 12