What's the HOH? Edit

The Head of Household (HOH) is the Houseguest who, for one "week" has immunity from being evicted and the responsibility of nominating two Houseguests for eviction. After the nominations, the HOH is allowed to provide a brief paragraph as to why they made the decisions they did. The HOH is determined by a vote amongst the Houseguests (players cannot vote for themselves). No Houseguest can be HOH for two consecutive weeks. The HOH is also prohibited from voting for eviction.

Replacement Nominee Edit

If the holder of the Power of Veto uses it to save one of the HOH's nominations, he/she will have to name a replacement nominee. This player cannot be the same one who used the Veto.

Final HOH Edit

When the game comes to the Final 3, one final HOH will be selected by 8 rounds of random draw. That HOH will not only advance to the Final 2 but have the sole responsibility of selecting the other finalist. The Houseguest not selected will be evicted and become the last member of the Jury

Votes for HOH Edit

Voting is currently CLOSED Please cast your votes here under the appropriate player's name by adding a pound sign (#) and four tildes (~~~~)

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Current Head of Household Edit

Current HOH: AvatarRokusGhost
Nominees: TBD
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