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Join Season One! Edit

On this page, you can sign up to be on the first "season" of Big Brother. Make sure you have read the Rules before joining the game. If you have not created a Wikia account, you must do so to play.

Sign-Up List Edit

Please include your Wikia username and link to your "Emailuser" function. The "Emailuser" function will be used for private/secret discussions.

  • Example: {{user|Username}} - [[Special:Emailuser/Username]]
  1. Omashu Rocks - Special:Emailuser/Omashu Rocks
  2. Momoam15 - Special:Emailuser/Momoam15
  3. AvatarRokusGhost - Special:Emailuser/AvatarRokusGhost
  4. Snoopy Meg - Special:Emailuser/Snoopy Meg
  5. Fruipit - Special:Emailuser/Fruipit
  6. Henryjh98 - Special:Emailuser/Henryjh98
  7. Agent Slash - Special:Emailuser/Agent Slash
  8. HistoricalAnomaly - Special:Emailuser/HistoricalAnomaly